The ARM approach: ARM will listen to your needs, address the issues, and work with you on a resolution. ARM will educate you on your roofing system and its advantages / disadvantages for an educated decision on your investment.



"Had a repair on my roof today what a great job he did. looks great and the roofer was very nice to work with clean up after the job and put everything back the way he found it. Will use them again"

"Reliable, honest, on time and very experienced! Highly recommended!"


Do you have a roof leak? ARM can send out a team of skilled individuals who can properly access and repair your roof leak. ARM can help with ice dam issues, valley leaks, ventilation problems, ridge deterioration, and missing shingles.

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ARM repairs can repair or replace flat decks or porches. We will inspect and see how we can help you with your investment. ARM can see if we can add slope to help with water shedding. ARM can also work with licensed contractors to replace wood or composite railings. Call and ask how we can update your porch or deck.

ARM does roof inspections for residential steep and low slope roofs. Whether you are looking for the condition of your roof, looking to make improvements to your roof or ventilation, or selling your house, let ARM do your roof inspection with a state licensed, qualified, trained, educated inspector. ARM will look at current condition of the roof, vent flashing, chimney condition, side wall flashings, tins, gutters, downspouts, and look for proper ventilation while using some of the latest trends in the market, such as thermal imaging for leaks or heat loss.